Alaska Conference, January 18-20th

We will be meeting with Fairbanks for a life-changing weekend with our Alaskan Family!

Here is the schedule for the weekend

We will meet at the Spenard, Boys and Girls Club

2300 36th Avenue, Anchorage, AK 99517

Friday, January 18th:

Fairbanks Arrives!

• 8:00pm Open House – Fellowship Time

Saturday, January 19th:

• 9:00am – Coffee, snacks

• 10:00am – The Mission – Connection With Baltic/Nordic Countries – Reece Neeland

• 11:30am – Lunch Break

• 1:00pm – Taking Care of the flock – (importance of shepherds in the Church) – Steve Staten

• 2:00pm – Breakout classes o Shepherding Class – Steve Staten

o Missions Class? – Reece Neeland

o Being The Change o Teen Class – o Children’s Class – Ray & Stephany Nadon

• 3:30pm – Breakout classes

o Missions Class? – Reese Neeland

o Conflict Resolution Class – Steve Staten

o Being The Change

o Young Families Class

o Teen Class

o Children’s Class – Ray & Stephany

• 6:00pm – Dinner all together Sunday, January 20th:

• 10:00am – Sunday Service

• 11:00am – Luncheon

• MLK Day Service Projects

o Warehouse – building ramps etc.

o Senior Homes Visits

o Boys & Girls Club Project

o Campus Project